Who are we?

Alpha 33, or known as A33, started off as a discord group for like-minded friends. We met each other on the INTERNET while learning about the NFT space. Most of us in the group started as daily traders looking to make many quick flips while working with a small bank roll (like less than 1ETH).

Over time, tons of things have happened. We made some money, lost some money, got too emotionally attached to our own favourite projects to sell the NFTs. However, we all agreed that we got tired of looking for quick flips.

We now prefer projects with great teams, communities and art that we believe will be good mid to long-term holds (we’re looking at 3 months to 1 year!). If you stick around long enough, you’d know that’s a truly long time in this space. So here we are.. writing you a weekly newsletter that will contain thorough analysis of 5 high quality projects.

This newsletter is completely decentralised, so you will hear a different voice from different contributors, but with the same goal of filtering away the noise and bring you a balanced analysis of high quality, long-term hold NFT projects. The projects can be new or old and will be researched and presented as objectively as we can. Again, this is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE (NFA) so please Do Your Own Research (DYOR)!

Who is this newsletter for?

YOU, only if you:

  1. Are new to the NFT space. What is metamask? What is Discord? Why Twitter?

  2. Would like to invest in HIGH QUALITY NFT projects and hold for the longer term. Honestly, we don’t want our money to be going to zero… right?

  3. Are not keen on investing in NFT BUT are generally curious and want to see what the ecosystem is building out. What is DAO? What is staking? What is utility?

This newsletter is not for anyone who is looking for quick flips OR real time information. Jump into our Discord, we will let you know who you should refer to for quick flips, or not.

As this is some sort of A33’s Whitepaper, it’s fair that we communicate our motivation to you. Are we right?

Our beliefs:

  1. We are extremely bullish on NFTs and we believe that they will become mainstream within the next few years.

  2. We believe people out there are tired of spending time and money on bad projects that promised quick flips.

  3. We believe that there are people out there, like us. Yep.

  4. We thought we were “too late” because none of us holds any punks, or the Bored Apes until we realized we were still early. We have a track record of filtering through loads of noise and finding gems a.k.a we are still making money!

  5. Information and knowledge in this space is SO CRUCIAL. Most joining NFTs today are who we were a few months ago. We want to help and we believe we can.

Alas, we still need disclaimers because well, you’ll know.

  • Nothing written here is financial advice. NFA NFA NFA. Please always DYOR.

  • We hold NFTs from the projects we write about (Why wouldn’t we? We believe in them) but trust us, we will always be transparent about it.

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